This wonderful, vivid deck is a limited edition version of Nora Huszka’s revolutionary visions of Tarot, guiding You to discover unexpected dimensions of fortune telling and your creativity!

The Gypsy Palace Tarot is the unique, artistic interpretation of the 78 cards, existing in four languages (English, German, Spanish, Hungarian), giving you a fresh sight on Tarot, while keeping the traditional meanings.

This deck is beautifully expressive, perfect for card readings, journaling or meditation.

The Gypsy Palace Tarot is the result of years experience of drawing and reading Tarot. Every picture is a piece of handmade art, capturing an explosion of colours, spirit, fantasy and mystery, crowded with authentic and magical creatures in this royal gypsy atmosphere. It is a self-published deck, the fruit of a successfull crowdfunding campaign, which just adds more to the positive energies what this deck is fully loaded with!

The Gypsy Palace is an imaginary place for open minded and curious people, full with inspiring, amazing rooms to discover, full with wisdom and joy to share.