The Starlight Dragon Tarot is coming…

Meet the Starlight Dragon Tarot, a deck of 78 mesmerizing images inspired by dragons –  the vision of Steph Engert and Nora Huszka. Open this treasure box abounding in rich artworks, poems and inspiration – our innovative tarot set, to enrich your life and magickal work.

Allow yourself to be carried away by 78 dragons in brilliant, visionary images. Follow this invitation to their lands of mystery, imagination and creativity – never seen like that before! Accept their guidance, their challenges and ancient wisdom and grow as a person and a tarot reader….

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10 good ideas

  1. Enter the world of The Gypsy Palace Tarot!
  2. Dive into the world of symbols, colors and magic!
  3. Polish your intuition with the mysterious characters of Tarot!
  4. Grow with the healing power of colors!
  5. Learn the language of your opportunities!
  6. Connect to yourself and others on a deeper level!
  7. Understand your personal messages from the cards!
  8. Recharge yourself with inspiration from handmade arts!
  9. Use your imagination without borders!
  10. Experience inner creation and express yourself creatively, freely!

More than 50 five-star reviews for my Etsy shop… thanks! :)


‘Stunning artwork, great card-stock, a super bag and insightful hand-stitched guide… I adore this deck, thank you so much!’

‘Not only is the artwork in this deck engaging and thought provoking, but the quality of the cards is exemplary. I am very impressed with the packaging and the care that was put into this product. I’m very pleased.’

‘Lovely, colorful deck! Very imaginative and sensuous. I love the predominance of the color red. Pretty quick shipping considering it came from overseas. Very talented artist. Love this deck! Thanks!’

‘This deck! where do i start? it’s so original and colorful!
the cards are super nice: perfectly printed on very good cardstock.
the art itself is wonderful, the deck it’s not a perfect rider-waite-smith clone but i really like the deviations from the standard meanings
and i am so glad that i bough the guidebook too, i’m absolutely in love with it!
for every card there are keywords, an interpretation, and one or more questions to reflect on, it’s fresh and interesting, different from the other standard (and sometimes stale) little white books.
it’s such a beautiful set! <3 ‘

‘A beautiful, deeply meaningful, and well produced tarot deck. Not only is it captivating to look at but it also allows for profound insights. I recommend to anyone interested in tarot or art in general.’